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I am Ahmad C. Wakanda, penning my first novel titled, Harlemville.

July 7, 2019

Wow, its been a ten year journey from idea to product. My name is Ahmad, I’m a writer, penning my first novel under the pseudonym Ahmad C. Wakanda. I felt a need to document the trials, and endeavors of my writing experience in hopes of providing encouragement to anyone that happens to stumble across their calling in life.

The evolution began as an idea, born of a result reading genre related material, when Urban Lit exploded on the scene. From the streets of Bronx and Harlem, where I played, my experiences resembled stories related to material I have read. What followed next birthed the idea I can write a book. During my one hour daily commute in 2010 heading to Long Island City, Queens from Tremont Ave on the D line, I pulled out my Blackberry and began typing. I would say in less than a months time I completed my story. Well, as an avid reader growing up, with my favorite Jason Bourne character, authored by Robert Ludlum, whom I attempted to emulate resulted in failure.

What I did accomplish was to get the initial storyline out of my head and onto paper, in a sense, key scenes, characters plots were outlined. It surely did not read as a Robert Ludlum novel. As fact, no structure whatsoever except, beginning, middle, conclusion, an elementary concept pushed in Junior HS.

My formal training was college level English Composition, but even that accomplishment did not take my novel to fruition. I’ve invested in writing literature and writing blogs, submitting chapters for critique, but resisted writer’s groups. That was a fear of being ‘new’ that I have now overcome. I seriously wanted to go the route of traditional publishing from one of the Big Six, which meant writing to industry standard. This is the quest I’ve embarked on since 2010. The idea is not abandoned, and as my novel is now seeing daylight, self-publishing is where I’m leaning toward. I mean why not, technology has made it possible, I have the hustle seems right. But what I won’t abandon is my quest to have Harlemville written to Industry Standard. As my style of write develops, I don’t want my work pigeon-holed. I feel a need to cross genres not succumb to ‘what works.’

I envision Harlemville, not as a quick summer read, or a something to read or listen to while you ride the subway. I want the story to stick. I want the characters to come alive. I want the reader wanting more, that is my quest.

My next post, will include my plans to deliver to market, and I would like to delve further into my growth from my initial writing stage as mentioned above. Also slowly I’ll provide teasers and an elevator pitch regarding, what Harlemville is all about. Why wait.

My readers are the Hip Hop generation, like myself. Demographics 38-60 years young. We know what its like to grow up at a time in New York City when we were the streets. Sitting outside breaking night, women drinking Pink Champale, eating whole dill pickles in the park. When loose joints and trey bags were in, along with 32oz. Music in the parks, neighborhoods visited neighborhoods for that comradeship. Harlem drug dealers were idolized, Rucker Park and Bronx River Center parties were the reason for dressing fly. You get my drift. Those elements are my inspiration.

We follow a few characters as they navigate their way through the streets, meeting at the crossroads where life and death decisions have to be made.

As we get deeper into the blog and closer to a release date, tentatively set for December/January, which is dependent upon If I can hit an October deadline for completion. Editing I plan for November to outside sources.

If you hav a bit of curiosity, subscribe to my blog, excerpts will be released as well as a call for beta readers, with each serious inquiry receiving a free ebook download of my new book Harlemville for review before launch. A Black Republican saga. A three book series.

Writers write…., until forever…

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  1. Fantastic introduction. I look forward to your blogs.


    • Thanx JG. Once a week on Sunday’s @1pm is the schedule for a new blog release. Your guidance, encouragement and knowledge is a well a timed plan only our beautiful universe can provide. The connection began, sitting outside your door on the 6th floor listening to music and you introducing me to a worldly view beyond the project walls.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sean permalink

    Intriguing introduction…. can’t wait for the actual finished product as well as your blog! Glad to see you accomplishing your goal!
    BTW I’m only 25 and despite not fitting your targeted demographics of 38-60, I think I will grasp the full effect that you want your readers to achieve! Lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m am indeed impressed. I would love for everyone to read Harlemville, the targeted demo are individuals who experienced the era, you being 25, I have to say you will experience the world your parents knew(somewhat). Thanx for your interest it’s very motivating for a beginning writer. Please follow the blog, a fan base is important, once I have enough followers I will begin to release excerpts. Thank you, Sean, again, ur comment means much….


  3. TraDogg permalink

    Great blog cuz, it is finally here and continue with your writing. PS you need photo’s

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanx for the support Tre Dee, I realized the need for photos after the my third blog. This what I need other eyes from my ppl, so I can see better. Thanx again, and please follow the blog looking for all the support I can get, release is December. Photo added…


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