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Harlemville in progress… was

July 14, 2019

Thank you for anyone that visited the page. And for those that are following Harlemville a big kudos, may this ride be enjoyable for you as it is for me. Sharing the writing process displaying my journey crafting my first novel, is my way of paying it forward. I have reached out to others when I began the task and If you’re a beginning writer like myself, I hope at least a sliver of information will be beneficial.

I am by no means an expert of the English language, pronunciation, grammar, sentence structure, character or story arc, rising conflict resolution, dialogue or any other aspect regarding crafting a story. I am, and will always be a student of writing and will continue sharing what Im learning during the process of crafting Harlemville.

A disclaimer to avoid any misunderstandings of my blog’s intent.

In addition, I am working on building a fan base, and urge readers to follow the Harlemville blog.

I’m shooting for a deadline of Oct. 15, 2019 to complete the Harlemville manuscript. With editing and final prep, I expect to bring Harlemville to market, Dec. 15, 2019, my target release date.

Self publishing is the route I will pursue.

This is my second blog post and I will let loose a few excerpts to whet my readers appetites. I’m contemplating discussing the synopsis, that aspect I need to consider, dependent upon if it’ll serve as a positive or negative. But before that happens I once again urge new writers, and readers to follow Harlemville blog posts, Your actions informs me, that readers are listening. so I truly welcome comments and thoughts.

My publishing schedule for new blog entries is weekly, 1pm on Sundays.

To continue the Harlemville novel writing process, I blogged of last week, the story is out my head, and a light outline has been set. I’m sitting with about 40 pages of a first draft printed out from an email. Reading pages of email, particularly a story typed freehand, single space and not formatted, is not appealing to read, hard on the eyes. I found Word, the first writing platform I formatted. I selected Times Roman, 12 point font, double spaced. After digesting writing books, that is the suggested format if you plan on submitting a manuscript. I would suggest checking with the publisher you plan on submitting too, for their requirements. Once format was set, I cranked out about 450 words for the second draft. More scenes, new plot line opened. This happened once I opened up. I kept reminding myself, this is my story, I can take it wherever I want it to go, it was an unconscious writing procedure. I truly let my instincts go on the second draft. After some clean up, to the best of my abilities at the time, I submitted for critique.

My initial critique, from Robert L Bacon, his blog site, A Perfect Write, forced me to rethink my introduction and the first Three chapters. Keeping in mind, a slogan from a from a very good friend, ‘Typos be damned,’ during that stage.

First Three Chapters must grab the readers attention. The first sentence needs to be powerful. He provided examples from best sellers but I wasn’t there yet. My introduction many times, to the point I left it alone., and proceeded to building and tightening the body. I let my introduction remain idle for years, while I worked on creating my story arcs, character arcs and reading writing material on such subjects.

It wasn’t till last month, and I started in 2010, that I’m now comfortable with the beginning of my story. Growth happened, learning took place. I recognize weaknesses now, most important research had to take place. I needed to know how writers wrote. Books on writing, filled my cart on Amazon. As each was delivered, each was read. Over the months, then years I grew my knowledge. On rewriting, I was learning the questions to ask myself. Mind you this was not full time. I have a family, I have to live and be sociable. I did not isolate myself. I found time in between living, I made time, I was thinking about my characters development, and I have multiple characters to consider, Harlemville is my daydreams.

I have people telling me Harlemville should be finished, it doesn’t take 10 years to write a novel. Not in my mind, Harlemville was not ready. I am crafting a novel. As my knowledge of writing increased, Harlemville’s story got better. I educated my self on the writing process. That meant selecting writers blogs, that I felt comfortable with. Beth Hill, The Editors Blog by far had the best blog on every aspect of writing. Each time I read her blogs a question I did not ask is answered.

In summary, research, read blogs, invest in books on writing. By doing your research, you will get an idea of what books writer’s read as great references on writing. Next week, I’ll inform of my favorite writing reference, work on breaking down my writing references and provide titles.

Writers write…, until forever…


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