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Taking Harlemville portable…, and Writing References…

July 21, 2019

Good afternoon readers, hope all is well and if not, look for a positive, grab that energy and let good vibe offset ur burden til things turn around.

Glad you guys have been following, for new readers, I’m a new writer and this blog is highlighting my journey learning to craft my first novel. And it is a craft, a process filled with writes and rewrites, not to mention the frustrations. No one I know crafts a story correctly on the first take, although there are a few masters that can achieve that euphoria. For the remaining 99% every version is a draft waiting on a rewrite, so have patience, don’t quit on the process.

Diving right in to the main topic–

As I look back on my writing journey, I’ve been building Harlemville in layers. Let me explain what I mean. When I’m working on which direction I’m taking a sentence, paragraph or story line idea, I’ll start off with a basic sentence and allow my instincts to take my fingers on a ride along the keyboard. Whether it’s a narrative, exposition or dialogue, not necessarily in that order, I’ll get the idea out my head, then elaborate when I know which direction I’m taking. My point, when writing you don’t have to write a creative or elaborate sentence on the first write. If that’s your method, by all means continue. Im a stickler for getting ideas out even if it doesn’t make sense yet, I’ll clean it up later. Keep it simple, simply to get the idea on paper and out ur head.

I mentioned in a previous blog using Word for my writing platform in creating the manuscript for Harlemville. It works, with shortcomings. When I’m out and about and the perfect line pops in my head, now I’m writing notes on napkins, which gets thrown away cause I wiped my nose with it, forgetting that the best line in the novel was just tossed. It happens.

I’ll continue searching for a writing platform compatible and with relative ease for converting to ebook. At the current time, I use Google Docs. Its flexibility allows me to read, update and share Harlemville from my smart phone. Online or offline. Whenever an idea pops up, I write and the updates are saved automatically across my writing peripherals. The flexibility of writing from anywhere you are, waiting for your beautician or barber, on a bus or train, and doctor or dentist office is great. Turn downtime into write time, and there will be no idea that got away.

Below is a list of references to assist writers of all levels and have helped tremendously boosting my knowledge of the technical aspect of writing:

A must have for any writer…

Technical to say the least, but helpful in all writing situations.

Introduces an overview for writing novels…

A fantastic read of the principles involved to craft a memorable story. One of my favs…

Let me put it this way. If you are going to self-publish, this reference book is for you. Beth Hill explains the process like an old friend. This is a new addition to my reference library. Covers all aspects of writing a novel, and more. This is my favorite reference and it goes where I go.

Disclaimer: I do not get paid to endorse the above mentioned titles.

I’m merely introducing, I suggest you read specifics for yourself to determine if the above mentioned references supports your writing needs. I will introduce five additional references in next week’s blog, so please visit. Also I’m going to delve into what inspired me to write Harlemville, and provide tips on how to draw inspiration for your writings.

Writers write…, Farewell until forever…

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