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Harlemville blog: What is your optimal write time?

August 4, 2019

Heart of the summer, do you feel the heat outside? Writing under central air conditioning drinking a tall glass of lemonade enjoying a breath-taking mountainous view is my zone.

If you’ve been following the Harlemville blog regularly you should be getting a sense of thought patterns a new writer experience’s writing a first time novel. I’m working hard to refrain from the term trial and tribulations, because it’s not. Writing is a process, and like any process errors can occur, and when errors are corrected that’s when learning takes place.

One key mention I’d like to touch base with is finding an optimal time to write. I talked of portability which enables you get ideas out ur head while on the go. But more importantly, a new writer needs a program. Setting a time to write, a schedule of an uninterrupted block. A comfortable quiet place to let your creative juices flow uninhibited. I believe more content will be produced as well as a pre-conditioning of ur sub-conscious to perform creatively by consistently writing at a set time and place. Unfortunately, three days a week in my zone is what I can afford out life’s schedule. My loft space is perfect, provides an eye pleasing vista when I’m contemplating my next sentence or word, and a semi-private disconnect from the household particularly, between midnight and dusk, my optimal writing hours.

Another theme I’d like to reiterate for our new readers is why the Harlemville blog? Several reasons propelled me to start. First, writing is my go to, my something to do that does not require a kit that must be purchased before you start. All you need is a pen and some paper and whatever comes to mind, just write. You will be so surprised of the hodgepodge of ideas twirling around in our heads. After a page or two, stop. Read. Guarantee a theme will reveal itself. That’s the sub-conscious working. Writing a story is an outlet, a hobby, a career and a legacy to leave behind when ur gone.

Secondly, with an indie release approaching of my new novel, Harlemville, is set for December, I need a damn fan base. Who are my demographics ? It’s the Hip Hop generation. Those ages between 45 and 60 years old that remember hearing and watching the biggest musical genre in the world get its start out in the parks. I’m proud to be a part of that culture, it’s who I am, that era where my learning curve was formed. The Sixth Element.

Next week’s blog, a Harlemville synopsis of sorts. If your still trying to get your head wrapped around what is Harlemville, definitely tune in next week.

Writers write.., Farewell till forever….

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