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New writers welcome…

August 11, 2019

New writers are welcome to Harlemville blog for numerous reasons and today I’d like to spell the significance of shared knowledge.

As a new writer penning my first novel titled, Harlemville, I sometimes find myself lost along the journey. With the Big Six publishing houses there are ready teams of genre, and editor specific individuals to guide you through your entire novel. I have no team. There are individuals I can call, for questions that need answering but I always feel I’m imposing on their personal or creative time. There are blogs I subscribe to that will answer my questions, but there is no one providing step by step instructions from blank paper to a polished product listing of Harlemville on Amazon. I am concluding writing of Harlemville this month of August.

Next step is marketing, which consists of cover design, copyrights. ISBN’s and probably a few other necessities pertinent to ready Harlemville for sale, online and the streets. Intuitive knowledge is my method. Is it correct, and in an orderly fashion? I don’t know. More likely I’ll forget something, a step that should have been taken already. This is the reason for the blog. As well as building a damn fan base. I’m raw, with life I’m still living, I have yet to commit more than fifty percent of my daily life or nightly life to writing. That’s honesty for your ass. Constantly on my mind, is Harlemville. The marketing, the storylines for the 2nd & 3rd volume. Am I spinning a character off for their own ventures. How to sell Harlemville to the masses. Writing other genres. Deep down, this is a good problem. A description of passion in motion to follow through on a promise to self. I don’t want to be a writer with stories that sit in boxes, never to be completed. I write a story at a time, now I do have plenty of titles with story ideas, at the ready. But until Harlemville is complete, I will not be writing them. A couple of blogs back I promised some writing references, below I inserted a few that are more story element specific, take a look below:

The books above were purchased when I was beginning to get my feet wet in the world of writing. Again these are references that should be used often when your tackling a particular problem during the writing process. Next week, a reveal of sorts, stay tuned.

Writers write…., Farewell til forever…..

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