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August 18, 2019

Welcome new writers reading The Harlemville Blog for the first time, or if you’re a returning reader, thank you kindly. Everyone following The Harlemville Blog I hope we meet in the world so I can by you a drink at your favorite watering hole. Reader support is everything at this early stage of my writing experience. And for those skipping through browsing The Harlemville Blog content, follow and subscribe, no annual fees. Support your local writer. I will not forget any of Harlemville’s supporters. (Hint) Enough said on that topic, today.

My hope is the writing references displayed in last week’s blog were useful to anyone stepping their writing game up. The particular references I’m certain you noticed were element specific, and were some of my earliest purchases to improve on my writing weaknesses with scene development. Meaning, I didn’t have a clue what to buy, I was cover hunting and the titles fit what my weaknesses were (are). If you missed the reference cover push, back track to last week’s blog post. I’ll be posting more of my writing references shortly all depends when I get around to snap the images.

Just a mention since most writing references include writing exercises, truth be told I don’t work the exercises by the letter. Exercises are included in reference books to reinforce related topics and are useful and helpful, but I normally substitute an equivalent item from a troubling sentence, paragraph or narrative I may have experienced while I crafting Harlemville.

Harlemville is ten years in the making. A multitude of drafts filed in a bankers box for prosperity. Multi-plot twist, keeping track of who what & where and how it concludes is a daunting task. Currently I’ve been reviewing each chapter for events summarizing scene by scene so no conflict is left unresolved, unless it will carry over into my second volume due in 2021. This process creates a map of your story development. During this phase edits take place, you get to see story in a new light. New avenues are created, inspiration comes alive again, and it makes sense so issues are resolved.

As the writing process for Harlemville winds down, a new phase of involvement begins, securing copyright and ISBN bar codes. Not my forte, this is a legal procedure pertaining to dividends, and if it’s my just deserves to be paid, I want it. Better than letting someone else profit off your efforts while you’re in the rain without and umbrella.

The cover art is completed for Harlemville, As I conclude Harlemville manuscript I am on track for a December 2019 release. Promotions for Harlemville instinctively feels right at this current time in its production. In the back of my head are simmering thoughts of launch locations, not to mention launch protocols. At some time I will have to get professionals involved in various aspects of Harlemville editing and marketing. A huge step because now budgets are involved. Professional editing will happen late September, early October after I exhausted my efforts. At some point I have to let it go, hence deadlines are a must to forward the process.

Intersection of Edgecombe & Bradhurst in the Sugar Hill section of Harlem. A key scene in Chapter 2 of Harlemville takes place.

An artist rendering of Harlemville, N.Y. The significance reveals itself in the latter Chapters of Harlemville. No spoiler alert here.

Next Sunday 1pm est, like clockwork The Harlemville blog publishes. Topics I’d like to discuss will be judging a book by its cover, when we we taught since first grade not too.

Writers write…, Farewell till forever…

Ahmad C. Wakanda

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