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The Harlemville Blog – Part 2

August 25, 2019

I’d like to inform you, Harlemville is not your typical Urban Lit novel, ie. The exotic car, big bootie scantily clad chicks and shirtless males with a glock stuck in a waist. Those book covers do sell, but the storylines always remain the same. I needed more substance, essentially I wanted a story readers could sink their teeth into, so the formula for Harlemville maintains the elements of the streets, in an earlier time frame.

My readers demographics remembers music out in the parks. Heard the stories and knew the names of the Hustlers the streets paid handsomely. British Walkers, Playboys and Sharkskin slacks. AJLester’s, need I go on? Time when police shot warning shots in the air, or tripped your running ass up with the night stick cause they wasn’t gonna chase you. That era. When a 32oz and a tray bag lit up a small crew. I think you get my drift, and if you don’t then read Harlemville to understand the era your parents or grandparents lived.

Had to reveal the cover art for Harlemville I’m too hype to shroud Harlemville in secrecy. Besides, I need my damn fan base, so another teaser will have to do. Out of the 15 or so cover designs in the mix, Including my first cover designed on the strength of my ppl, @roadie_empire (check it below).

The chosen design (top) was developed using a freelancer on the Fiverr App. The back drop is too dark to notice in the top image, but it is a cityscape, gritty and dark capturing the essence of Harlemville’s theme. The split screen was my idea, the stock photos of the journals are the objects that set off the conflict in the Harlemville novel.

The second image (top right) are mathematical formulas displaying the collegiate caliber of the journals containing chemical formulas used to create a variation of designer drugs.

Today I am granting a surprise that will sure to please. A hint was dropped a couple of blogs ago, about releasing a synopsis of sorts. I did have a theme for this week’s blog, but most of the time when writing your sub-conscious takes over an all sorts of amazing things happen, like a sneak peak into the world of Harlemville. Enjoy!

A synopsis of sorts:

Rawley Ballor, founder of the Black Republicans, an organization created to monopolize the Vice District, and surrounding drug zones of top sellers under one clique. Schooled in the way of old Italians as a youngin, now merging the knowledge of the street’s underworlds and academia after obtaining a Masters Degree in Chemistry, to monopolize drug production and distribution in Harlem.

Rules, regulations and formulas are described in three journals, nicknamed, The Drug Game Bible. Membership into the Black Republican’s is by invitation only every five years and all big time Harlem drug dealers want in.

Fatboy and Dee, founders of the Enterprise crew are nominated. A low-key crew raking in thousands a day selling tin-foiled dimes of coke in front a building. To become members all they have to do is raise half a million initiation fee.

A message from Big Cuban, a protege of Bolito, a former associate of Rawley’s when he ran the streets, hits up Fatboy. Steal the journals and your initiation fee is guaranteed in cash, amongst bonus and perks. Fatboy recruits, Squirrel, the Enterprise’s top earner with a penchant for coming up short on money. Deal accepted.

With the main journal in his possession, Big Cuban deciphers a formula creating an addictive, off the market narcotic. The pills sales are assigned to Squirrel. He recruits his smoke dealer Jitt Black, a young project kid with a need and want of a new pair of sneakers, anxious to work the pills out in Union Square Park, and leave the loose joint sales behind. Successful high sales for Jitt Black leads to a meeting with Fatboy. With a proposal for Jitt Black. (Set up Squirrel, and takeover the operations for self) testing his loyalties to pull him further into uncharted territory.

Rumors abound all lead back to one man. Did the order come from Rawley Ballor?

Jitt Black loyal to Squirrel or the Enterprise?

A sneak peak for ya ass. The tense plot drama don’t end there. More characters, more storylines support the main plot branching out to increase the tension.

Harlemville is a three book series, part of the Black Republicans Saga.

A must read, written by a new author, ten years in the making.

I think I said to much, don’t want to upset the publisher.

Writer’s Write…, Farewell til forever…

Ahmad C. Wakanda

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  1. Sean Marino permalink

    Love the cover choice!


  2. Darlene Morgan permalink

    I get it however a ghost writer could twerk it in a way the reader feels more like their right there


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