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Harlemville Dreamin

September 8, 2019

My apologies for truncating last week’s blog. My time maxed out, still no excuse not to fulfill an obligation. Moving on. Truth be told, I’ve become fixated on the time spent crafting Harlemville, I’m speaking of 10 years of elapsed time learning and crafting. It’s an emotional adventure filled with peaks and valleys.

I lived in NYC when I first started writing Harlemville. Atlanta during most my rewrites, and now Scranton for the conclusion. Time was at a minimum, and most of it was not well spent on crafting, and now the what ifs are kicking in, and I’m kicking them out, knowing I should have finished three volumes by now.

Enough of that, I’m where I’m supposed to be. One has to live life, while pursuing dreams. Remember moderation is very important for one’s soul. Whatever endeavor, goes for food, work, leisure or your indulgences.

Getting back to the basics. Any beginning writers subscribed to Harlemville blog, your feedback is key. Not to confuse, Im’ma continuing writing this blog if no one subscribed. So again I announce, the first 25 followers receive a complementary ebook of Harlemville upon publication in December.

I learned to share in pre-school and it has carried over to adulthood. It’s my spirit.

I mention time to time I’m working on building a damn fan base. I’m dead ass serious with that. But one thing I learned about the universe leasing this earthly space for a half century thus far, you will get your just deserves, be they good or bad.

Now I just preached moderation. I have to inform myself that unfortunately to hit deadline; focus on. Self-editing 30 chapters prior to handing the Harlemville manuscript to an editor. At least a chapter a day is scheduled. So my program, three of the four days I’m off work, when my youngest is in school. Doable. Also I need to tighten the conclusion of Harlemville. This needs to be complete to hit October 20th deadline.

Below are a pix of the original journals I wanted on the front cover, but as I did not own the stock photo that would have been a case of infringement.

Why the journals?

These are the objects that motivate a plot for Harlemville. There can still be a story without them, but they provide reasons for my characters to have conflict. The journals push the action. As in most terrific stories, there must be a reason for your characters motivations. Harlemville. – technically about the life and stories of Hustlers, it made sense to have the journal contain information pertaining to compounds for narcotics manufacturing and all the underlying reasons for my characters actions revolve around the journals.

Next week:

I believe Hustler’s played a part in the What’s your take? Chime in.

Topic will be highly debatable. I wholeheartedly believe Hustling is a part of the evolution of Hip Hop, even still today., making it the 6th element of Hip Hop: Dj’s, Mc’s, Bboy’s, Graffiti artist’s, Fashion and Hustler’s.

My argument (pro) in detail, tune in and follow the

Writer’s write…, Farewell till forever….


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