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The Crew concept- Harlemville

September 22, 2019

Crew – A group of individuals banded together for a common cause and mission.

As a youngin, I always loved the idea of a group of friends with one common interest and loyalty toward one another- if one fell off, we all picked him up to make a seamless transition to cover their participation. Trust beyond question. An individual unit of many. Necessary attributes for continued success within the crew model.

Greed and self -interest are not Crew values.

I can recall a proposal to my boys as kids growing up . It wasn’t called a proposal at the time, we were all around thirteen years old. The streets had called us and we were bringing home money and everyday when we went out to hustle- not to give anyone the wrong impression, but it wasn’t thousands not even hundreds, but at thirteen years old, sixty dollars in 1974 was everything- my suggestion was to pool our funds everyday we hit the streets. 10 dollars each person. Quickly the idea crumbled when not one of us out the seven could agree on either of us trustworthy to hold the loot. We did not trust one another, but still days ones til today. I look back on that time and wished the concept would have worked. Was I looking for a crutch, or was my proposal genuine? I was serious. But never argued the point. That was my first lesson.

Life is an individual effort

I learned the hard way, but yet the concept of team continues to burn in my soul. My projects and endeavors start with me, and most of the time when I do incorporate other individuals out of necessity, I continually find myself acquiring a new skill learned from that one individual. What I’m discovering is every human has their own agenda. And if it doesn’t revolve around making dollars, then it don’t make sense. Now what does this rhetoric have to do with writing a blog regarding my first novel, Harlemville?

It’s the idea of loyalty, the art of watching out for another, living as one. What I saw on the blocks of Harlem growing up. I witnessed crews going further as a whole, than an individual standing alone. That’s my belief today and I stand by that. So I incorporated that concept into the Harlemville novel.

The Black Republicans, a private invitation membership only organization, incorporating crews into their fold. This organization made up of individuals are the central figure driving the Harlemville story. The violation of the organization’s mission statements set forth events propelling the story forward.

Harlemville, not a biography or a story based on real events, but a work of fiction born of some of my experiences, in which some episodes are exaggerated, is a story based on the belief systems of the writer.

As I continue to write weekly for the the central theme I’m working on conveying to readers all start and end with my concepts of what I perceived. Early editions was about me penning my first novel, then I subtlety delved into my soul for the meaning. And this as writers provides us with direction-purpose to continue writing our stories to its conclusions.

Writer’s write…, Farewell til forever.

Ahmad C. Wakanda…

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  1. Sean Marino permalink

    The art of loyalty and looking out for one another is very hard to come by these days! Harlemville so far from the snippets you are teasing us with exemplifies what it use to be like… hopefully one day those times will come back around.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Good observation. Those days are behind us now, but they still live in my heart. Imma make sure u get a proof when they are available. You’ve been riding since my first draft, and I’m truly appreciative …


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