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October 13, 2019

One of the same, but separate.

Creating the blog is all about building a damn fan base. Harlemville, the novel is all about ambitions I desired navigating life as a teen.

The blog mention events or happenings relevant to an influential time period in my life. Its mission is to explore my writing process in crafting Harlemville, and to provide insight into the writing process for new writer’s. It can be hard to start writing, especially the first sentence, more particularly, developing a storyline and persevere through procrastination, self-doubt with purpose. My intentions is to provide hope for new writers. Our writings don’t have to sound like Shakespeare. Our goal is to simply tell an entertaining story, not try an sell a million copies of our writings. That argument is up for debate.

Harlemville is no way an autobiography.

Episodes of my experiences, like the idea of creating an organized crime family with my day one crew. My thirst of knowledge through reading. Picturing how my first girlfriend was going to look. These elements. I made part of the Harlemville world, attributes of a main character, Jitorius Black. The plot then ventures out to stories I heard around the smoke cypher back in my youth. Truth and tall tales, let the reader distinguish.

But simply, Writing flows from what we know. We create a world we would like to see, if not, then we imagine a world and place created in our mind. Partially created by the, ‘what if factor‘, My favorite writers prompt.

Writer’s write, Farewell til forever…

Ahmad C. Wakanda

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