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Harlemville – Special Report

October 20, 2019

I interrupt my regularly scheduled blog topic to bring you this special report. A self-imposed deadline has been missed. Repeat. October 20, 2019, new author Ahmad C. Wakanda was set to complete the manuscript of his long awaited, much anticipated first novel, titled Harlemville.

A slice of life cautionary tale of deceit, loyalty, love and comradeship.

A 1977 New York crime drama following the lives of Jitorious Black (Jitt Black) and Dunbar Matthews (Squirrel).

After Jitt Black’s recruitment into the Enterprise crew, led by Dee and Fatboy, a failed set-up planned by Squirrel goes wrong. When the truth surfaces, Jitt Black is solicited to assist with a retaliation against Squirrel and must navigate a Harlem underworld alone.

But the Enterprise has their own problems, when it’s discovered Fatboy and Squirrel are responsible for stealing a valuable journal written by the founder of the Black Republicans, Rawley Ballor, an organization which supplies the Enterprise with territories and pharmaceuticals.

Bodies begin to drop. New Alliances are formed and Jitt Black sets out to right wrongs, but first he must discover himself and critically decide where and to whom his loyalty lies. With the daughter of the Enterprise founder or the daughter of the Black Republican founder?

Harlemville – Novel 2, Enterprise is under new management in the wild 1980’s with plans to dominate the landscape of the lawless Harlem streets. That is until the authorities decided to take back the streets, and restore law and order to clear lanes for gentrification.

And the last entry into Harlemville/The Black Republican’s Saga is the life and times of Rawley Ballor.

Visit the Pleasant avenue social clubs, where young Rawley Ballor ran errands for old Italian men, earning the trust and wisdom of everyone who had the pleasure of educating the youth in the ways of the street. His methods of success are revealed, genuine positive affirmations that transformed his life from one of uncertainty to a sureness of strength and confidence.

We bring you back to our regularly scheduled programming. A new deadline has not been set. The December debut will remain unchanged.

Writers write.., Farewell til forever.

Next week I will introduce the cast of characters of Harlemville, starting g with Jitorious Black, aka Jitt Black.

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  1. Don’t put deadlines on yourself for your sure to be disappointed every time. In the course of meeting dealines for submissions I got all frenzied out over try to meet a deadline for a X-mas anthology. But then I realized that it was all good fore I had four submissions accepted. long story short , chill you’ll get to where you got to go brother.

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