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Introducing Jitorious Black

October 27, 2019

Known to his fellas as Jitt Black. A shy, avid reader of adventurous spy novels, and positive affirmation quotes. But to his dismay, his life, is lived in a real world, with real people.

It’s 1977 NYC, the city is experiencing one of the worst crisis in modern history. Double-digit unemployment, a serial killer terrifying the city, widespread police corruption, and a major blackout occurs at a time when city services are strained near bankruptcy.

Oblivious to these events, as puberty hits, Jitt Black’s hormones spark an outgoing personality odyssey. An allure for pretty girls emerge, but his words for conversation are lost. His looks are an acquired taste, not a fair-skinned Rico Suave type with the wavy hair, so chicks are not flocking his way. His words speaking to girls don’t belong to him, and when he does muster the courage his words are lifted from dialogue of his favorite characters.

When an offer to make money is solicited to Jitt Black, by Squirrel, an outgoing Harlem hustler, who once dated Jitt Black’s sister, all his hopes and wishes of material articles, wants and desires of a girlfriend are within reach of his grasp.

The novel’s he enjoys reading offer adventure, but the opportunity to make money offers a chance for a life out of poverty. The costs is his innocence as he delves into a Harlem underground to a world he never knew existed.

A world where loyalty’s are tested and commitments are rewarded. Only the smart survive in this game, while the naive are left to perish.

This cautionary tale of, ‘be careful what you ask for’ serves to warn us the grass is not greener on the other side.

Next week, meet Dunbar Matthews aka Squirrel.

Writers write…, Farewell till forever…

Ahmad C. Wakanda

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