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Introducing Dunbar Matthews

November 3, 2019

All of Harlem knows Squirrel. He’s been building a reputation as a scrambler since a youth pedaling packages up and down the hills along the West side at ten years old. From transporting coke on five speed Schwinns to transforming vacant building lots into prime drug real estate. His customer clientele reaches from lower Manhattan up to Sugar Hill, sneaking into the Heights to cut in on the Jersey customer’s.

A true Harlem bread winner, cocky and confident, toward anything moving. His boss status never topped a lieutenant, until a power move changed his fortunes to life on the run.

His excessive celebrations gain control of his ego, further tipping the scales out his favor. They don’t call him Squirrel cause he looks like one, he’s been playing the game long enough to know, when shit begins to get hot and heavy, always have an out, that’s how he survived in the streets. But games last as long as your luck don’t run out.

Next week, meet Makenzie Williams aka Fatboy

Writer’s Write…., Farewell til Forever…

Ahmad C. Wakanda

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