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Writing 001

November 24, 2019

As a beginner writer working on finding my voice creating stories, I’m compelled further into the writing process each passing day. My network is growing. Met so many fascinating authors all at different phases of their writing career. One could only imagine their jubilation when they held their first self-published/published book. A dream, that starts with an idea, then an opening sentence, followed by a paragraph, and before you know it, a story is birthed.

As I’m experiencing, writing is a process with many aspects. I’m not talking about the coveted route of submission to one of the Big Six publishing houses. By all means, once my writing reaches its crest, a submission I will go. At this time, I’ll put the necessary work in to develop the craft of writing.

Beyond the writing, a writer needs an audience. Someone needs to enjoy the fruits of our labor. That means promoting. Building a fan base. The only way I know, is by getting the idea into as many peoples heads as possible. I’m working on as many beta readers as allowed. I started Character Biographies on my blog so readers can gain some insight. Thread each characters attributes and story together, one can get a better understanding of the story.

Everyday before I begin the writing process , I work the full World of Harlemville in my mind. In any situation before you begin to work, thoughts and ideas regarding a general direction or path should be pondered. It provides a clear cut direction allowing a flow of words, and possibly eliminating writer’s block. Let the words flow. Let the story create momentum and follow the path, altering not editing as you see fit. It’s not work, but a labor of love.

Writers write…., Farewell til forever…

Ahmad C . Washington


You will meet Big Cuban next week, I had to get Writing 001 off my chest…

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